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Welcome to my design portfolio.

About Me.

Hi! My name is Jeff (I can't say that without thinking of 22 Jumpstreet). I'm a freelance creative designer from Phoenix, Az. I love watching The Office until Netflix asks "Are you still watching." I enjoy picking heavy things up and putting them back down 5-6 times a week in the attempt to counteract my pizza and ice cream addiction. More importantly,  I got my start doing web and graphic design for my church 15 years ago when it took Photoshop 15 minutes to process a photo.  Since then, I have worked with a wide range of companies helping them develop their brand and online presence. So, I invite you to look around and see if I would be a great fit in helping you on your next project.




About Me

Logo Designs.

Logo Designs

Web Designs.

Web Designs

Creative Design.

Creative Design



  • Marketing and sales collateral – designed for print and/or electronic distribution; direct mail, catalogs, newsletters, flyers, annual reports, and trade show materials

  • Business systems – letterhead, envelopes, business cards, note cards

  • Special events collateral – save the dates, invitations, advertising, posters, programs, and custom giveaways


Crafting a brand identity that embodies the essence of your business is essential. Whether developing a new company, repositioning an established business, or redefining your brand, I work to ensure that your logo reflects the company’s identity and story.


A great time to refresh and redefine a branding standard for your company is when a new logo is created (or an old logo is updated). This might include typefaces, colors, graphics, and even the voice in the writing. This is an additional, but equally important, service to logo design.


Great news! Web design does not have to be complicated or expensive. There are many wonderful prosumer platforms that have amazingly simple content management systems, inexpensive hosting and domain service, and if you can believe it—great customer service!

I will design a site using your brand standards and once complete, will orient you or a staff member to take over the site to manage.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.
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